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  • Jun. 13th, 2009 at 7:02 PM
Work it grrl!
It's my 21st birthday and Tony and I diecided to drunkenly post a n ent5rty together. 

Hey guys, its Tony.  This was an awesome surprise party for britchell!  she cried when she arrived and we all shouted surprise!! Anyway, me and Em lav just won in beer pong....then lost.  Bobby savage can blow me. 

Its Britt. I cried when I was suprised. Redundant? anyway, this is the best day of my life soooooooooo

Me and Em lav are definitely going to have to play again later.  Bobby Savage can blow me...HARD. =D

ooooooo far! But anyway, itys awesome, and when I see this tomorrow, I will laugh...HARD. =D

Old Wounds

  • Jun. 8th, 2009 at 11:02 PM
How's Moving Castle
SO things are going just GREAT anf then BAM! I get uninvited to a party...apparently it wasnt personal at all but Im still hurt and angry...Yeah, it maybe wasnt personal but please, if you are going to uninvite me to your party, do it yourself, dont have someone else do it for you, it makes you look more suspicious. I've been hurt so many times before and this situation is reminisent of one in high school where the same ting happeend and it turned out to be personal.

God I's suppose to be over all this jealousy shit already! Guess not...Im mainly angry at myself because I am letting me past emotions get to me and its at the point where I cant take it anymore.

and Ive talked to people over and over again and i keep telling myself that its not as bad as i think it to be and that its me being self concious but i have near mental breakdowns about it...it needs to stop. Its not fair to others and me.

Spring Fever...or is that Swine Flu...

  • May. 5th, 2009 at 12:02 AM
The end of my Jr. year. Never thought I'd see the day because I thought my brain would have exploded before by the end of it all. Good news? Yes! I got into Fools!! I'm really excited that I'll be working on a department show of this caliber. And I'm really pumped about the other people I'll be working with. DAG should be a lot of fun, and I know it will be such a learning experince! I know for a fact that this summer I will be having constant dreams about it, I have consistant dreams about things I am most excited about in life.
What else..Dramaturging went very well, I got lots of good responses...The new G3L cast is going to be great....Reefer Madness will be amazing...Bill is helping me work on my play...everthing is going golden really...

But there is one thing that has been bothering me though(there's always something!) I'v noticed a lot of my insecurities  have been coming back out to haunt me. I've become very posisiive over my friendships, I get threatened very easily. Its a BAD habit and recently I've been really naggy and really compulsive and its tearing me up inside. And after this semester, I think I finally realize why I'm like this. For as long as I can live I've always searched for that one person(or people) that I could connect with on a best friend level) I always see those people having best friends for life and having kindrid spirtes and whatnot but I never had that. Because I'm so particular of a person, I have no soulmate...and I might never have one. And that hurts. So when I do have really great friends, I have a glimmer of hope that they are my best friend. And then that grueling reality comes down on me when I see them being much closer to someone else, and they see me as just a pal...nothing more than "Britt Mitchell..." I just hope I dont become that monster I've been trying to hide all over again.

So with this I guess I just let the summer take me away. I'm ready to go with the flow.

Spring Breakin' My Ass.

  • Mar. 22nd, 2009 at 10:21 PM
Work it grrl!
Spring break is usually a journey. Mine was one alright. Most of it was a miserable existance.

From sunday to tuesday I did NOTHING. I sat down in my room or on the computer or watching tv and I was bored out of my mind. The one thing to come out of that was that I wrote a play (which I am liking very much) and started a second one. Then on Tuesday I went to my great aunt's funeral. And I havent even talked to my dad's side of the family since the past summer so can you say awkward? yah it was, we stayed for about a hald hour because my mom had to go get surgery on her hand. So my aunt(my mom's sister) was staying with us and my mom's hyped up on painkillers and I'm sitting there ahving to deal with my sisters, who were pretty annoying this week. The rest of the week went much better, probably because I was out of the house for most of it. Weds was good because I hung out with Team HK and we did oijui board! But we must have "summoned" bad spirts because the next afternoon a huge fight broke out in the house. Long story short someone was punched in the head...with my fist. After that, I went to Amy's house for a sleepover! It was a mega blast and I had bagel chunks! They were so good! Friday was good, I went to Lazerquest with Jon, Ashley and her friends from her school. It was very fun. Yesterday and today were very fun too. I got head shots done with Emlav and Aimee. It was so much fun!  Then today I say Corielanus with Nicole and it was a very good show. Then I had a great g3l rehersal.

Those last few days sounded good right? But there was a catch. I did all these fun activities with a MASSIVE cough cold. SO I wa seither well and miserable or having a great time and hacking up a lung.

Either way, I'm back at school.  I have to write about my spring break for spanish class, did I mention I have to write it in spanish? I'm failing in spanish. the stress re-begins.

Eager and Sour

  • Mar. 5th, 2009 at 11:35 PM
So Vagina Monologues opens tomorrow! WAHOO! And I can't believe that this process is already coming to an end. Time seems tro be flying much faster lately. It's a tad scary, not gonna lie. But Ive been really moody for the past couple of days and right now, I'm really pissed off. There isnt any major reasons why, but I am very hostile (not phisically) and sour and easilly fusterated with everyone and everything tha rubs me the wrong way. I hope I wake up tomorrow and am not as moody. Despite the inner bitch,  I'm really excited about tomorrow and I hope it will go well.



  • Feb. 26th, 2009 at 9:06 AM
Updating on time, yes?

First off, I was planning to devote a second to say Happy Birthday Tony! (this is very belated)

Now of to important things ;D

Vagina Monologues opens next week from tomorrow. I'm very excited but also have a nervous disposition lying over me. I know all my lines very well but I've been having speech issues lately so I hope that doesnt get in the way. I'm very excited to wear my costume, I'm s sufferagette! I'll be rocking in my blouse and boots.

Spanish sucks but I passed the last test, so I'm staying. As long as I can pass all the next tests. My goal is just to pass the class, really.

Andy kicked me last week at rehersal. We were sitting and he was all pissy about it. SO I told him to sit, then after I called him fat (which I was not aware would offend him seeing I am also fat) he just kicked me right in the arm hand region. There was an awkward pause and I was in shock. The physical violence was way too much for me. And being bullied as a kid, I was frankly scared a bit. SO i basically avoided him the whole night. The next day, I asked him to apologize and he asked me to apologize first! I said that If he was having a bad day, he could have told me and not freaking kicked me...But all was settled and we hugged.

Yesterday we went out for Ashley's 22nd bitrhday at Beerworks. We had an amazing amount of fun! We were all making eachother laugh and my mom revealed that she was in a gang in high school. (NO lies!!) It was called the black widows and they could only date boys form their other gang. My mom's mega badass more than she's ever been!

I was very sick last night. I had the chills, fever, and stomach ache. I thouhg it was the flu but I seept for about 10 hours and I feel much better today. The headache is still there and I'm a it light-headed, but all in all I'm recovered!

Ok, I have to go do my hair before class. Till next time.

Febuary: the month from HELL!!

  • Feb. 10th, 2009 at 1:17 AM
Yah, so basically I a shit-ton of work to do this month.

1) School: I have Spanish 2 beating me while I'm down, and Shakespeare slapping me in the face. Then I have to write that screenplay and theatre-plays too! and Directing shoving analysis after analysis up my ass. I'm getting it done but spanish sucks major chode, this chapter isnt too bad though....but ait here's more!

2) Theatre) I'm dramaturging for Pirates! this means RESEARCH RESEARH RESEARCH!!! Celen basically set he bar when explaing that there are people getting degrees right now for what I considor an outlet for a chronic shitload of TPH. Not saying i dont care, (I wouldnt have applyed for the position in the first place if I didnt) but did I mention it's a SHITTON of work? I'll be fine because what I'm reaearching is mega fun,but still...
     b)I'm on the STE board...(hold for applause) I'm pumped! now I have to add that to my list of things to do
     c) Vagina Monologues: We had our first group rehersal in awhile tongiht form 8 till 11. This will be happening for the next 5 days a week.

3) I HAVE NO FUCKING JOB!!! Mom will not supply me with money anymore and has threatened to take my car away. Notice the lsit above...where am I to fit this so called job? And there's also a little thing called the RECESSION! I might have to beg mom for a paying position at the rink on weekends...

But with all the mega chaos, why not party. Pretty much every friday for the rest of Feb. and some days during the week, and Ash's birthday...yah, that's gonna be fun...

SO right now my life is batshit insane...but like I always say, I'll all work out in the end. Even if I'm a pennyless, hungover, shell of what I was at the beginning of the month.
Moulin Rouge/McGregor Love!
Seriously, I just woke up. So I love dreaming and when waking up I usually think about them and analyze them. I think I might of had one of the stragest dreams of my life last night. SO where else to go but to Livejournal to blog about it. It was basically a combintion of EVERYTHING in my life in one dream.

I had a dream I was involved in an arranged marriage. and the whole dream consisted of my journey of getting ready for the wedding...in the museum of science. Don't ask because I dont know why either. And for some reason my wedding planner was my old acting tracher Brianne. Well the dream was both awesome and rockey. because lots of drama happened: such as when one of my firends dads had a fight while I was scrambeling to get ready because her dad was a communist and he wanted to wear these big communist boots...and I talked to her and told her the story about my dad wearing my granmother's purple jumpsuit to his hockey practice(that actually happened)...and she felt better.

I also remember a part where I freaked out at my whole wedding party (which was like a SHITLOAD of people for an arranegd wedding planned in a span of 1 FUCKING NIGHT!!) because A: I couldnt find a dress that fit and B: I was very stressed because I still didnt know who I was marrying. SO I was about to be married to a man I either didnt know or knew. And I really wanted to find out because if it had been someone I know, it could have been somoen in my life that I could possible have a crush on but dont know yet (because for me, when a guy I know is involved in a dream as a main character or in a romantic situation, I might have a crush on them)

So, it's the night of thr wedding and I'm about to go look into the cathedral and see who my man is before I get dressed. All i know is that EVERYONE in my life past or present is at this wedding, I'm talking about teachers, doctors, ect...yah, it's a BIG deal. And just when I'm about to see who my husband is....

Stef calls me and wakes me up...I was PISSED. EVerything that I needed to know was right there...

dont you hate when that happens?

Update: Part DUEX!

  • Feb. 3rd, 2009 at 10:30 PM
Moulin Rouge/McGregor Love!
So like I said I've had a lot happen to me this past month.

Since Christmas my hose has been nothing but a battlefield. I can't go into great detail because it will be disrespectful to my mother's wishes...but to simpify it: Tori decieved me and lied to all of us. She lied about some horrible things to her girlfriend, my family, and was taking atvatage of me the whole time because of an obsession she had...and I bought it because I thouhg i was getting closer with my baby sister who I always though hated me. . The problems are being fixed but I'm very confused and very distraught about the whole thing. What she did crushed me, and It will take me a while to fully forgive her. But I know I'll never trust her again.

But on a much, much lighter note: Vagina Monologues is awesome as usual! II am reclaiming CUNT! Provocative right? love it because I get to incorperate my love for my favorite time periods in my monologue. ..I'm a sufferaget, and it's coming along very nicley. Emlav is the director, I' have become very close with her and her roomates. They understand me more than anyone else really. I love hanging out with them! Speaking of firends, Stef is back! and we have been hanging out and I missed her a lot.

Despite loosing some trusts, I have recconected a lot of loose ends with people. Stef, Brianna, and Amy are examples. I'm glad that I get second chances. I hope this semster proves to be the best that I can make it. From the looks of it, it's gonna be fun.

PS: Tony, see I'm catching up for lost time!!!

This is for Tony...

  • Feb. 3rd, 2009 at 10:00 PM
Uryo had mad skillz yo
...But mainly for me.

Hi again! after a loooong haiatis(and by haiatus I mean me being lazy and not posting) I am back!

SO what's new you ask? A lot. Ummm a semester went by. It was a good semester. Full of the usual happiness and hearbreak. I actually have been posting notes on Facebook during thr semster, it's what I should have been doing here...but I'll post a link to see those noets, if anyone's reall interested...



http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/note.php?note_id=38630278172&id=627555169&index=12 (this day was a sad day...)

Now it's a new semster and I am better than ever. I've started my SIX classes and they are mostly amazing! All my teachers are male...but not hot. (BOOO!)

Spanish 102: NOTHING like spanish 101. It's like they took everything that was great with that class and replaced it with broing, hard reflexive verbs. The teach doent like me too much, and there are some kids in the class that like to correct me, including Brendan...and it fusterates me. I'm a slow learner, so it makes me feel incompitant when people are grunbling while I'm tring to learn..bitches...

Shakes 2: YAY THEIS! I dont care how many peole dont like this man, I love him. We're even facebook friends! We are the perfect awkward team and messing with him makes class more fun...even though Shakespare is fun too. I had him last smemester and it was a lot of fun...the plays we read...not so much. This time however, we're reading Hamlet, Macbeth, and all the good plays so he's making up for lost time! and Jackie's in the class, and she does funny drawings and I laugh.

Plawriting: This is the class that will define m life. I want to do this in the future, and Bill's teaching it! I finally get some one on one time with him! (well, I did when there were 5 people in the class because of ACTF) and the best part: WE GET TO SHOWCASE OUR PLAYS AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER!!!1! This erases the Imageneration regection to me...evne though Joe gets to have a play in AND have Imagenration. I love Joe but I have some sort of bitterness I still have tword him...I dont know if I'll ever be able to get over it.

Screenwriting: SO GOOD! Pro. Carey is a really cool guy and weard jeans to class! We spend 2 hours wathing short films and we are currently workshoping screenplays. Its a rocking class...and now I can finally strart those screenplays I've been too lazy to start!

Directing: HELLA HARD, but fun !I like the class. Peter's a real sweetheart but sctrict. Today he failed a bunch of people because they did the assignment wrong. It was mainl ACTF people. But for some reason I get a sence of negativity in the class. Liek today, I was wicked offended by Toni F. He was a negative nancy the whooole class...actually everyone was but me. SO I wasnt gonna let that get me down. SO I was my usual chatty, chatty self and Ton was getting openly annoyed. I was worried about the assignment so I talked evne more. I get it checked and Peter openl stated that it was the best he's seen so far (YAY!) and I gte some claps and then as I sit down Toni says "oh, now you dont have to talk anymore" and there was an awkward scilence...I was pissed off big time...but whatever! that was aseperate rant. moving on...

Ballroom Latin street dance/Archery: Umm how badass are these activity classes?! I'm on Latin street dance right now and it's a ton of fun! Greg Coles is batshit crazy but an amzing individual. He's such a charcter and I just learned the chachacha! I'm a fast learner in that class and it makes me actually feel compitant.

SO that's my sceduele so far(plus VagMons and jobs searching). I'm going to write a part two to my updates almost instantly after this post. Beleive me, there's A LOT more that has happened to me in the past month than has happened in the five month break as a whole...