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14 June
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Well, I'd like to take this time to quote a man who inspired me with his inspiring words and mad skill. His name was Popeye and this is what he said: "I am what I am and thats all that I am." I took those words to heart and basically, I am me and thats all I'll be.

I watch too much tv nut I guess my favorites are: the I Love The series, Mythbusters, Bleach, Full Metal Alchamist, lots more anime...you know what, just Adult Swim in general, America's Next Top Model, South Park, Family Guy and Clone High.

I love movies but my favorite would have to be Anchorman.

My favorite musicals are: Sweeney Todd, Moulin Rouge, Reefer Madness, Hairspray, and Disney musicals in general

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Brittastic14 is an intresting lad.
Strengths: include watching tv, food, shakespeare, more food, knowing random facts thanks to VH1, 80's music and movies, and knowing how to have a good time ;D
Weaknesses: Weaknesses: include big mouth, the fact that the facts she knows are only useful for trivial games such as Sceneit and shit like that, super sensitiveness, spelling & grammer, numbers higher than 10 thousand.
Special Skills: include her knowlege of pop culture, her strong yet strange wit, super imagination skills and a dash of passion, and don't forget her mean ability to bust a groove.
Weapons: known to use her wit, imagination, occasionally a mean jazz square or grapevine (but never both because it would wipe out everything in a 10 mile radius), Shakespearean insults, and her swooping bangs.
superkalifragicexpialidotious: Britt is also known as a hooligain: which is one who causes shananigains and comes up and/or is involved in crazy prediciments. (I smell a sitcom!)

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