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"I'm sorry Mr. Jackson..."

  • Jul. 9th, 2006 at 10:24 AM
So last night my parents went to the Dave Matthews Band concert featuring Sheryl crow, and boy was i pissed because I really love both and i wanted to go but I was like "oh, let them have fun brcause the never have fun like this." So around like 10 that night I was watching a great movie and i get a phone call and its from my mom and she tells me that she bumped into a good friend of the family Mr. Jackson. He went on the chorus trip with mu chorus like 2 years ago and we sang to him and he loved us. Well it turns out hes now the coorinator for the Dave Matthews Band and my parents bumpeed into him and he threw them in his limo and he took them to their tour bus!! Then he took them to the Ritz...yeah I said the Ritz and they met the lead singer!!!

Well, at this point I was monster jealous but not as much as my sistewr who gave the tickets to my parents! aww well, I'm glad they ahd a good time.